论文题目 发表年度
Computational Foraging in Bacterial Colony over Composition Environments 2013
Development of microfluidic-based telemedicine for diabetes care and screening 2013
Direct adaptive fuzzy control of a translating piezoelectric flexible manipulator driven by a pneumatic rodless cylinder 2013
Distance Measurement of Zooming Image for a Mobile Robot 2013
Distinguishing cells by their first-order transient motion response under an optically induced dielectrophoretic force field 2013
DSIM: A DisSIMilarity-based image clutter metric for targeting performance 2013
Dynamic responses of a 2R manipulator in zero-gravity state excited by ender impacts and base motions 2013
Fabrication of a liquid crystal light modulator by use of femtosecond-laser-induced nanoripples 2013
Fabrication of single-walled carbon nanotube-based highly sensitive gas sensors 2013
Feedback-induced nonlinearity and superconducting on-chip quantum optics 2013
Finite-Frequency Filter Design for Networked Control Systems with Missing Measurements 2013
Global Stability Analysis and Optimal Control of a Harvested Ecoepidemiological Prey Predator Model with Vaccination and Taxation 2013
H-2 Control for the Continuous-Time Markovian Jump Linear Uncertain Systems with Partly Known Transition Rates and Input Quantization 2013
Identifying rhodamine dye plume sources in near-shore oceanic environments by integration of chemical and visual sensors 2013
Image Segmentation Using Artificial Intelligence Approaches 2013
Imaging and measuring the biophysical properties of Fc gamma receptors on single macrophages using atomic force microscopy 2013
Imaging and measuring the molecular force of lymphoma pathological cells using atomic force microscopy 2013
Inducing self-rotation of cells with natural and artificial melanin in a linearly polarized alternating current electric field 2013
Influences of visual feedback indicator scales on human upright postural control 2013
Investigating the morphology and mechanical properties of blastomeres with atomic force microscopy 2013
Iso-parametric tool-path planning for point clouds 2013
激光快速成形 TA15 残余应力影响因素的研究 2013
Kinematics/statics and workspace analysis of a 3-leg 5-DoF parallel manipulator with a UPU-type composite active constrained leg 2013
Manipulation of DNA origami nanotubes in liquid using programmable tapping-mode atomic force microscopy 2013
Mapping CD20 molecules on the lymphoma cell surface using atomic force microscopy 2013
Mathematical model and optimization for underwater friction stir welding of a heat-treatable aluminum alloy 2013
Mechanical stretch for tunable wetting from topological PDMS film 2013
Mining frequent trajectory pattern based on vague space partition 2013
Mobile robot path planning based on adaptive bacterial foraging algorithm 2013